After 5 months, our seasoned traveler, Chane, returned home a bit earlier than expected. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience but was very excited to suprise her family a few week earlier than anticipated.

Looking back, she says that the 5 months actually flew by apart from the last month. Chane won't change anything about the experience that she had or the lessons that she learnt while she was living there and comments on the confidence she gained while living in a foreign country. she has always wanted to study abroad and see other countries and she made full use of this opportunity.

Chane ended her stay in Ingolstadt by spending it with the friends she had made, eating Bavarian food and saying their goodbyes. The thing that Chane will miss most about Ingolstadt is being able to walk or ride a bicycle where ever she wanted and she will also miss their effective public transport system.

The first thing Chane did when she got home was to enjoy some truly South African watermelon; it is her favorite thing about summer. She also spent time with family and friends and enjoyed the sunshine.

Chane is currently completing her final module for her National Diploma in Industrial Engineering and will continue with her practical next year. She aims to complete her Diploma and Degree in 5 years.

WELA is proud of the plunge that Chane took when she was awarded the opportunity of this exchange programme and we wish her success in her future endeavors.

Posted on 18 February 2015 12:43:12

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This blog is about

Chane van Rensburg, a second year NDip Industrial Engineering student and second year WELA (Women in Engineering Leadership Association) member, recently grabbed the opportunity to study abroad that WELA, in conjunction with the International Office, presented to her.

This blog will consist of Chane's journey in Ingolstadt, Germany as a study abroad student.