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After 5 months, our seasoned traveler, Chane, returned home a bit earlier than expected. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience but was very excited to suprise her family a few week earlier than anticipated.

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During her December holiday, Chane traveled to France, Netherland, Italy and then back to Germany.
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Chane is halfway through a freezing semester while the NMMU students are preparing to go on their fun filled summer vacation. She has yet to see snow as it has only fallen on the mountains but is waiting patiently to make her first snowman.

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Chane has been in Germany for five weeks already, can you believe it? Time sure flies when you are having fun.

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Time flies when you are having fun – this is indeed true when it comes to Chane and her time in Ingolstadt, Germany. It is hard to believe that she has been there for nearly a month already.

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This blog is about

Chane van Rensburg, a second year NDip Industrial Engineering student and second year WELA (Women in Engineering Leadership Association) member, recently grabbed the opportunity to study abroad that WELA, in conjunction with the International Office, presented to her.

This blog will consist of Chane's journey in Ingolstadt, Germany as a study abroad student.